About Dominic Reich

About Dominic Reich

Hello, my name is Dominic Reich. I am born in 1985 and live in Ötz.

In January 2015 I started working as a construction worker at a nearby construction firm. Before that time, I worked 7 years at a electrical company.

I’ve done military service in April 2007 in Innsbruck and at the border of Austria in Burgenland. I was deployed in Deutsch-Jahrndorf near Nickelsdorf.

Another 5 years before I went to a technical school in Innsbruck - I dropped out when I did not complete the 4th grade (out of 5 grades). I then trained as an electrician for 1½ years (I got my 3 positive years from technical school credited on my apprenticeship).

I visited a few networking tutorials at school and learned lots of related stuff by myself, mostly when I tried different situations out at home. Today I had a few different servers in use, mostly rootservers but also vServers, I used different operating systems, mostly linux based, leightweight systems like Debian, Gentoo and recently FreeBSD.

As of today, I own a gaming computer, which runs Windows 10, a working laptop, which runs Windows 7, my main laptop, which runs macOS Sierra, a networking laptop, which runs Kali Linux, an iPad Mini and an iPhone. Sometimes I need to use my Galaxy S5 for some NFC related stuff. The Kali laptop did run FreeBSD before, but I changed this in favour of working aircrack-ng tools (and a few more). I would use FreeBSD on my home server again. In future, I need to replace the Fritzbox with a pfSense router.

Besides technical things, I also like photography a lot. This is kind of a expensive hobby, I already own a bunch of equipment. I upload photos usually on 500px and Flickr — follow me on those networks if you like. From time to time I also create timelapse videos (I’m not a pro, but I like to enhance my knowledge about this topic too). I upload those videos on my webserver and on youtube — the latter mostly has some background music mixed into the video.

You may find an equal post in german in the german section of my website.