Insanity On Stage

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Photo taken on New Year’s Eve 2016 in Hochoetz

Hi! It took quite a while to finish the start of the relaunch of the website :wink:

There is not much content right now, but I will try to complete the relaunch very soon. I will fill this website with photographs that I take, timelapse videos that I create, recipes that I like and some random articles about whatever.

Some daily learning get published in the Today I Learned section (which name i flagrantly took over from whom I got this beautiful open source theme—can you call this theme? Huh? That’s more than a theme, really!)

My low-quality photos1 have been saved on my old server until the end of 2018. From now on those pictures get uploaded to my local network storage in my house. I’ve upgraded that device in 2018 and it is ready for my demands in 2019 and up.

My old server hosted over 6000 photos and videos (~19GB of data). The latter got converted on the server directly with the video-js plugin for Piwigo. That’s why I had my own server—to have enough ressources available for video encoding. Additionaly I was able to install whatever library I wanted (like mediainfo and ffmpeg).

The more interesting photos are on 500px or on my NAS at home. Timelapse videos get uploaded to YouTube. They get a nice background sound on there :)

Besides all that, the first post’s title Insanity On Stage was named after the first blog that I maintaned back in 2006.

  1. Pictures taken with my compact camera or mobile phone. 

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