Changes are the way we develop ourselves.


Merged (cherry-picked) upstream repo

Merged a few new commits from my upstream repository and moved the google analytics code to a local version.


New posts; some small updates

Added some posts in #TIL and updated the “Redirection-Info-Page”.
Notice: New version of nginx messed things in /var/www/htdocs up. Most files were removed by that update process.


FEWO Preiskalkulation 2 released


Added new tools


Updated changelog behaviour again

This time we remove the changelogs from _posts to avoid new notifications via the feeds or the like. Now the changelog gets build from the _changelog collection.


Updated Changelog

Changelog page got updated and renders now the individual posts in _posts/changelogs to a combined page.


Upstream Migrated

Migrated the changes of Made Mistakes into my repo and removed the Memos Collection — moved the four articles, that I created within Memos today, into #TIL.


Site Goes Online

Site goes online. Automatic deployment works. Staticman comments also work.
Also the self-hosted contactform works.


Port Nearly Finished

Made Mistakes has been ported (mostly) for my personal use.


Made Mistakes has been found

Most migration to un-themed Made Mistakes Website

  • basic file structure alive
  • some images for feature headers created/ported
  • most files from the second repository (Images) deleted and replaced


Adding Photography Content

Added photography content and subpages. Listed my equipment on that page.


Adding the contact form

Added contact form (using for now). I plan to move over to nms FormMail hosted on my own webserver (I need to setup CGI for this to work).


Moving to another theme: Feeling Responsive

Moved from Minimal Mistakes to Feeling Responsive by Moritz Sauer. Also changed the main language to english – as this should better fit into the wide openess of the internet.


Getting Minimal Mistakes

Now time has come when I first setup my website using Minimal Mistakes by Michael Rose.


I've been looking for an awesome design for years...

I was already seeking the whole internet for a responsive and clean theme or website. I tried lots of CMS and dynamic websites. I tried them on many different webservers. But never felt happy with one of them.