Powerlevel9k: a theme for ZSH (and prezto)

There’s very nice theme for ZSH that I actually use myself.

It’s name is Powerlevel9k and it uses powerline patched fonts with additional symbols. If you use prezto the installation is very, very easy.

$ git clone https://github.com/bhilburn/powerlevel9k.git  ~/.zprezto/modules/prompt/external/powerlevel9k

Read those installation instructions for prezto but if you want to use your prezto configuration on multiple computers you should better use the following method to create the correct symlink (with a relative path1).

$ cd ~/.zprezto/modules/prompt/functions
$ ln -s ../modules/prompt/external/powerlevel9k/powerlevel9k.zsh-theme prompt_powerlevel9k_setup

Now you need to install the powerline patched fonts to display the symbols correctly. I personally use the pre-patched Source-Code-Pro font—you may use whatever fits your needs.

Copy the .ttf-files to ~/.fonts and update the font-cache.Schriftarten-Cache.

$ fc-cache -vf

That’s it. All newly opened terminal windows should use the time now.

  1. In the original installation instruction an absolute path is used for the symlink—because ‘~’ gets expanded to an absolute path. On different platforms that path will be different. On Linux that path is something like /home/$USER; but on macOS that path might be something like /Users/$USER

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