FEWO Preiskalkulation 2

FEWO Preiskalkulation 2

Calculate the total price of your appartement just with a few mouse clicks.

The application comes with updates. Updates reside on tools.dore.pw — so make sure that your firewall does not block it.

FEWO Preiskalkulation
The main screen of the application. It looks a bit weird because I’ve no graphical design enabled.

I am really sorry, but as long as this app is closed source, you have to trust me because I will not afford myself a certificate just to sign my tools. You can still download a local copy but be aware: updates won’t work on those versions!

Make sure you have installed .NET Framework 4.5.2 on your windows computer in order to run the program.


At the moment this tool is closed source and the binary is provided “as is” with NO WARRANTY.

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