Have a look on my little helpers. I hope you find them helpful too :wink:

Some things just right away

  • Some tools might be written in english, some in german. The WiW tools are in english. Normally.
  • Those tools are open source (except FEWO Preiskalkulation—because I have to remove some hardcoded things before I publish the code) and free to use (MIT License)
  • Most tools use the .NET Framework 4.5—FEWO Preiskalkulation uses 4.5.2 (note the links point to a german website)
  • The tools use the newer design of Windows—the screenshots have been made without them. For old-school reasons… ;-)
  • I am not an advanced programmer, so the code and the project files might miss something or are badly coded—please keep that in mind before using the tools. If you have something to add to the code please let me know, I’d like to upgrade my tools aswell when I find some time for it.

MD5 Converter

A simple md5-Hash generator that creates hashes while you type. Easy to copy the hash.


This is a tool to calculate the minimal needed cross-section of an electrical wire in a building. It refers to austrian law.

:exclamation: Don’t forget to use your brain!

It might sound harsh—but you shouldn’t rely on this app as there could be still some bugs in the app.
Have a look at the code yourself to verify my calculations.

FEWO Preiskalkulation

At version 2. This app lets you quickly calculate a usual overnight stay. Or a holiday. With or without pets. You can set your own values for different situations (summer/winter; how many people; with kids) and so on.

The tool was built for my parents—because of that it is made to fit their needs. You might fork the repository and change whatever is needed to fit your needs.


A simple chat viewer to use with The chatlogs were produced from bottom to top—that means you had to read those logs from bottom to the top which is not a normal or usual way of how you read things. It was not naturally.

This tool’s purpose was re-sorting of the reading direction as well as the possibility to filter for specific words. And quickly remove those server messages at the cost of an additional click.

WiW Trial Handout Generator

This app creates a standardised text that we used in our clan to respond to a given trial period membership, called recruitment period.


My tools are mostly licensed under the MIT License. Have an eye on the respective github page for detailed information.

If you got a question, let me know.