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This is a tool to calculate the minimal needed cross-section of an electrical wire in a building. It refers to austrian law.

:exclamation: Don’t forget to use your brain!

It might sound harsh—but you shouldn’t rely on this app as there could be still some bugs in the app.
Have a look at the code yourself to verify my calculations.

Example screenshot

It looks a bit distracting but you really need those inputs to calculate the cross-section of a wire.


The app is in german only. If you need this in english please fork the repository on github and modify it to your needs. Feel free to ask if you need help—but I can’t promise anything. :wink:

For example we calculate a cable in a single-phase alternating current system.

Amm2cross-section that we want to calculate in square-millimeters
lmlenght of the desired wire in meters
IAcurrent in ampere
cos level of efficiency (this is usually something around 0.8)
γSm-1electric conductivity in Siemens/meter (on copper this is 58 × 106)
UaVvoltage drop in volts (in Austria this should not be more than 3%)

Usually I calculate with a voltage drop of 1.5%—so there should be enough space to not exceed the 3% given by the power supply company.

Read more about this topic on this german1 website.

Files and Codes

Choose if you want to install with the setup-tool, view the source code on Github and compile the application yourself. Please report any issues preferably on Github or via the contact form.

Setup Source code Issues


As most of the stuff hosted on Github this tool is free and open source software, distributed under the MIT License.

  1. I’d have put an english website here but my english is not that perfect to verify the website that I link to. For german speaking visitors this might come in handy but the rest needs to do its own translation, sorry. 

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