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Back when I was playing Battlefield 2 in a clan we were recruiting new members. Within this recruitment progress we had to announce if someone was accepted as a “beginner member” or not. It was a so-called recruit and we watched him playing over a short time period, mostly two weeks. If we knew people from our servers before it could turn out into a cut-off.

We usually copied the text of another accepted member and replaced names and times to have those posts look nearly the same every time. To get something linear if you want. Now this tool sets the text up for you.


All you have to do is filling out the recruits name, if he or she gets a cut-off and the final period on the calendar. Hit Generate Text and the final text pops up on a second window within a second. On the left side some helpful terms regarding the selected period are displayed.

Files and Codes

Feel free to fork and adopt the code to your personal needs. While ‘Setup’ will install the tool with an installer, the source code on github lets you compile your own version and use that instead. Report any issues on the github issues page if you like.

Setup Source code Issues


As most of the stuff hosted on Github this tool is free and open source software, distributed under the MIT License.

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